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AnyBoard is an all-in-one whiteboard that puts everything — projector, processor, speaker, storage, memory, visualizer and more — inside one simple, stylish enclosure. It is the most advanced most brilliant Smartboard we’ve ever built, and it’s filled with all-new technologies that take power and performance to a whole new level.
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With AnyBoard, you can write with Anything
Write the board with your marker
The Industry's First Duo-Writing Experiences. Yes, you can write this board with regular marker you can find anywhere. Just walk up and start writing with dry-erase marker. We design a scratch, stain, and a wear-resistant surface that will last for a very long time and easily used in a school environment, a busy office, a boardroom, or any other space that requires a functional and beautiful designed whiteboard.
Write the board with your hand
A Natural Writing Experience with incredible precision. With AnyBoard technology, enjoy a naturally smooth touch writing performance with high-speed tracking, including no script-lag or response delays. This lightning-fast responsiveness creates a smooth and natural experience unmatched by other smartboard. Preloaded software tools makes interacting easy. Use the instant whiteboard for free-form writing, including converting writing and equations to text, and palm erase.
Engineered like a Computer
Works like a board
Powered by Intel Core processors, AnyBoard deliver amazing performance so you can move fast even when powering through pro-level processing job. It elevates the whiteboard to a whole new level of performance and usability.
Speed of the art flash Drive
It makes quicker work of everything
AnyBoard includes a solid-state drive that is blazing fast. Flash is the fastest and most reliable storage technology. Besides being physically robust, silent, smaller and lighter than any hard-disk drive, the big incentive to go flash is the whole system just responds incredible quickly to your touch.
Integrated Object Scanner
What’s on your book, now it’s on your board
Easy to use scanner to capture and presents any objects including documents you need with full color. Visualize anything from Objects to documents.
Security Lock
Safety is one of our speciality
A seamless, precision-forged enclosure makes by aluminum surface complete with security Lock. You can be sure that no one will tempered with the board without any permissions.
Stunning Materials
Enhance the elegance with best materials
All in a beautiful aluminum body enclosure designed and made with an unprecedented level of precision. The whiteboard is made from special material, that is not reflective under bright light. Hence, It allows team or students to work together more because it is pleasing for the eyes.
Big, Beautiful displays
With plenty of options
Comes with 4:3 ratio or the new 16:10 widescreen ratio. AnyBoard looks great from any seat in the room, thanks to the combination of board and premium projector technology. It gives you a bright picture, vibrant color with very little glare. So there’s more to see, and even less to distract you from your work

Which one suit best for your preference?

Special design to be used for AnyBoard using the most versatile aluminium and easily install and uninstall. Quick release brakes enable the legs to be stand ground perfectly so it’s strong and durable. We design the wheel so that it’s easy to be move around in any room you want it to be.
We create a special marker with special water-based ink that easy to clean and does not leave a permanent mark in your board. It is harmless for school environment as well. Firm Tip, a tip that feels wonderful against the board. We took great care in finding a material for the tip that is responsive and glides effortlessly over the whiteboard. Our marker available in extreme brilliance with vivid, high contrast color of Black, Red, Blue, Green
Video conference with AnyBoard integration offers live streaming of the action of your remote team/teacher, now everybody can participate. It’s a classroom and enterprise ready. See everything in your classroom, conference room, auditorium, and workspace with it’s exceptional video and crystal clear audio quality. Expand your classroom and business operation with this system
AnyEncrypt is a sophisticated system design to protect AnyBoard from illegal or unauthorized personal usage. It is based on encryption technology that is proven to be very secure and is widely used in the security and military industry.
AnyID Face
Innovative Access Control & Time Attendance System, with its most advanced built-in facial recognition algorithm and high-resolution infrared thermography camera, can quickly identify users through Face ID, even who wearing masks. This system can also detect the abnormal forehead temperature without touch and assistance, which can help to protect both users and gatekeepers. This is an ideal solution for fully contactless access control.
AnyID Dashboard
Access Control & Time Attendance Dashboard, provide interactive information to users with smooth and accurate capacitive touchscreen. Every classroom and meeting room should use informative dashboard with integrated face recognition for access control to make user friendly environment.
AnyID Touch
Access Control & Time Attendance with hybrid face and fingerprint recognition technology. Quick hybrid biometric recognition will make short queue at entry points to maximize space for physical distancing between users.
Digital drawing pad with built-in monitor for accurate annotation or drawing. Equipped with digital stylus pen with pressure recognition to ease and responsive drawing. AnyDraw will make interactive online learning more interesting for students.
Multimedia Teaching Software
Multimedia teaching ready. Write your drawing, math equation, curve, or chart on Anyboard. It is more fun than your traditional whiteboard. Compatible with wide variety of files, AnyBoard revolutionize the way of teaching and presenting. Save it and modify it as you wish for.

Object Visualizer App
You get a well-designed digital presentation tool that is easy-to-use and provides superior image quality. Transform hand written page into interactive content and turn paper notes instantly into PDF or an image files.

Digital School Book App
A revolutionary way for learning, AnyBook offer offline digitized textbook from 1st grade to 12th grade education. AnyBook offers new advanced paperless teaching experience for teachers with it’s complete library of textbooks which is the first of its own in this industry

Labs Simulator App
AnyLab is a virtual lab contains the look and feel similar to that of a hands-on lab. Its design factors and content are carefully considered to fit the level of learners and provide a high degree of realism. AnyLab being part of a lesson that should be used for observational and data collection purposes.

Early Education App
AnyKids is interactive education app to increase toddler and kids engagement in school. AnyKids have a lot of topics such as folklore, prohet story, colour introduction, hijaiyah, match, etc.

Science App
Science can be fun, with AnyScience you can learn basic science interactively. AnyScience equipped with 3D visualization make it more realistic so you can experience new way of learning science.

Connect AnyBoard Wirelessly
Use AnyConnect to share video, photos, or the entire screen on your smartphone to AnyBoard. You can mirror recently taken photo, or use AnyConnect to mirror your device's screen. AnyConnect can be used to mirror the board’s screen so you can remotely control your AnyBoard through your smartphone.

Anti-glare touchscreen
Diagonal Size
Aspect Ratio

Intel® Core™ i3, 64 bit. Configurable to Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 or i9.

256GB SSD. Configurable to 512GB or 1TB SSD.

4GB. Configurable to 8GB or 16GB of memory.

802.11 Wi-Fi wireless networking.
Bluetooth wireless technology

Operating System
Windows 10

Object & Document Visualizer
: 8 Megapixel
Scanning media
: Books, Objects, dll
Optical original part
: Natural light + LED white light
Output port
: USB images support digital amplification, storage playback and image annotation

I/O (Input/Output) Ports
: USB 3.0×4, Audio-In, Audio-Out, VGA-In, HDMI-In
: Built-in Sound Bar

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